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If you’ve been looking at colleges, you’ve seen the pictures on all the websites. Beautiful buildings on a well-kept campus. Students chatting in the cafeteria. Professors sharing their knowledge in a classroom. Crowd shots at commencement. After a while, all those websites and all those colleges start to look the same. So what makes Wilkes unique?

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84 West South Street, Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania 18766
(570) 408-4114

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We offer big opportunities. Wilkes is the only university of our size to offer the broad mix of professional and liberal arts programs we do. You’ll have the opportunity to choose from numerous majors across six different schools. If you can’t pick just one, you can double major or combine a major and a minor. Double major in engineering and digital media. Major in accounting and minor in Spanish. With so many different programs, you’ll have a wide range of options. (If you’re a math major, you can figure out exactly how many.) In addition to bachelor degree programs, Wilkes offers master's degree programs and doctoral/terminal degree programs including the doctor of nursing practice, doctor of education, doctor of pharmacy, doctor of philosophy in nursing and master of fine arts in creative writing.

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