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Hanover College is a private, co-ed, liberal arts college, in Hanover, Indiana, and it is the oldest private college in Indiana. Its picturesque, 600-acre campus sits 300 feet above the Ohio River and has been named one of the prettiest colleges in America. The college has approximately 1000 undergraduate students, and its small size provides opportunities for close interaction with a faculty that is dedicated to teaching.

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517 Ball Drive, Hanover, Indiana 47243
(812) 866-7306

What Hanover College can offer you.

Founded in 2018, the Engineering program offers a Bachelors of Science degree in Engineering and a Bachelors of Arts degree in Engineering Science. Both degrees are multi-disciplinary, which makes for an ideal fit with robotics. Courses in Computer, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering provide students with the background to design and use robotics in a wide range of applications.

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