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Vaughn Industries, LLC is a contractor based in Carey, Ohio providing nationwide construction of Building Tomorrow's Energy Resources. From the first residential electrical job that Founder, Ron Vaughn, performed in 1963, our services have grown into the industrial/commercial sectors, including electrical, mechanical (HVAC and Pipefitting), plumbing, high voltage substation, high voltage transmission and distribution, and renewable energy construction. We are ranked 185 out of the 600 specialty contractors by McGraw-Hill ENR. Vaughn Industries currently employs over 650 full-time employees between the corporate office in Carey, Ohio and our central Ohio office in Lewis Center.

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1201 E Findlay St, Carey, Ohio 43316
(419) 396-9988

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Vaughn Industries is a family owned construction company headquartered in Carey, Ohio that has been in business over 56 years. Our company was built through a deep commitment to its customers for quality service and to its employees for a safe workplace where they can create a successful future. We offer careers in Electrical, Renewable Energy, Mechanical, and High Voltage construction trades. Vaughn Industries offers great wages and a full benefit package to all full time employees!

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