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The University of Rio Grande (URG), established in 1876, is an independent four-year, comprehensive university that offers programs ranging from certificates through the master degree level. In the past, many of its graduates entered the teaching profession. Today, many are preparing for business and public service careers, as well as for the teaching profession. During its history, the University of Rio Grande (pronounced Rye-oh) has been at times a denominational college, a two-year college, a self-help student work college, and a four-year liberal arts college.

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218 North College Avenue, Rio Grande, Ohio 45674
(740) 245-7204

What University of Rio Grande can offer you.

The University of Rio Grande & Rio Grande Community College offers a broad range of degree options obtainable from each of these schools. Both baccalaureate and associate degrees exist, along with a wealth of minors and certificate programs.

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