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TechSolve is dedicated to advancing manufacturers through technology. By leveraging our deep understanding of machining, data extraction & the manufacturing processes, TechSolve is able to translate current and emerging technologies that empower manufacturers to confidently adopt and integrate technologies that address today’s challenges and tomorrow’s opportunities. Whether it’s a first article sample, a custom built connectivity solution or a new process for plant floor layout and flow, our team is able to quickly understand your frustrations, aspirations, needs and goals to work with you to engineer your path forward.

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Manufacturing businesses of all sizes need new ways to partner with Ohio’s educators, including community colleges, universities, adult technical centers, and career technical centers to ensure that our communities are ready for both the jobs of today and those of tomorrow. Earn-and-learn strategies are proven solutions to help manufacturers recruit, train and retain a skilled workforce. By combining instruction with on-the-job training, earn-and-learn increases relevancy, accelerates learning, and ensures the employee is mastering the essential skills. Earn-and-learn strategies give employers the opportunity to build a workforce trained to their specific needs.

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Take the first step towards your career in robotics in manufacturing! All of the training on has been vetted by industry experts and will give you the skills that employers need.

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